Thursday, July 2, 2009

Baby pools are so fun!!!*

It's 94 degrees here we got out the babies little pool and took them in for the first time. Xander was a little unsure at first, but once his sisters got in and started splashing he relaxed and joined in their splashing games. Note to self...well note to hubby time don't put the pool in the grass. They thought it was so fun to lean out and grab handfuls of grass and weeds and dirt. What I managed to keep out of their mouths ended up in the pool. Next time we will try putting the pool on our concrete patio instead. This was also the longest they have been out of their diapers....needless to say Xander now has a favorite body part ;) ahhh boys...LOL.
Tonight is the first time since they were itty bitty that they will sleep in just a diaper, at 11:15pm it's still 86 in their room. I hope we don't wake up to 3 naked babies and dirty cribs!!!

Some pics and video of the days fun!!!

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Cyndi said...

Heya cutie pies!!!!!!!!!!!!! G loves to swim in his pool nakie too - what's the point of shorts anyhow? I hope your little redhead body didn't get sunburned Miss Lily, though I'm sure that Momma coated you in sunscreen. Hayden your smile is the best little girl!!! And Xan, G agrees that is the BEST body part ever invented!!!