Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The kiddos had their 1 year appt today!!!

These guys are pretty good sized!!!
Xander is 24lbs (50-75% actual age not adjusted) 30 1/4" (70-75% act),
Hayden 24lbs (90% act) 30" (75% act), and
Lily 23lbs (75% act) 30 1/4" (75-90% act)!!!
The Pedi told us to go ahead and start mixing in whole milk to wean them off formula. I still think we will keep them on 3/4 formula and 1/4 milk for another month or two. Xander has his bottom molars about to pop through...I didn't notice them until she pointed it out to me. He was just getting his 7th tooth in so they will be his 8 and 9th teeth.

Today at the Docs

Lily has started to play make believe. She was pretending to pick food off of Jason and put it in her mouth. Jason and I leaned in and she pretended to put some in our mouths too...it was so cute!!

My sister and little niece headed back home to Vegas today, we got to get together again last night at my brothers for a BBQ...we had a lot of fun and got some fun pictures. I miss you guys already, would you hurry up and move back already :)

It's been pretty busy since the party so today the babies have gotten to play with some of their new toys....they are really enjoying them!

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Photogrl said...

Yay for a great 1 year appointment!

It looks like the party was a great time. I loved the smash cakes...too cute! :)

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