Friday, July 3, 2009

Our multiples playgroup get together!

It was another hot one today here in Oregon. It was a perfect day for a picnic, and the food was so yummy! There is always a lot of kiddos when we all get together, we had 2 sets of triplets, and 6 or 7 sets of twins! Jason and I made cookies to first try at decorating, it was a practice run for the babies 1st birthday party. The trio wore their 4th of July shirts, and I of course wanted them in birth order and color order so Lily got stuck wearing Blue. We got to try the babies out in swings for the first time and they really loved it, especially Xander. I didn't know a not quite 1 year old could figure out how to lean forward and back wards to get the swing going faster but I swear that is exactly what he was doing. A bunch of pics from today...

My hubby baking cookies...and some of my decorating job.

Picnic fun!


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L said...

Hi, I'm a visitor from the Bump and I just wanted to tell you how absolutely adorable I think your kiddos are! They make me wish I had a set of triplets, too! Congrats on your gorgeous babies!
Lauren (laurandjim from 6-12)