Friday, August 17, 2012

Back away from the edge.

We were up and at em bright and early again today. Breakfast was waiting for that make the night before then bake the morning of french toast! This morning was the first time since we got to the cabin that the kids even mentioned TV, the girls told Jason they want to watch My Little Pony when they get home LOL.
We decided to get out of the cabin and take a walk. There is a 7 mile hike that loops around the lake, we had no intention of going the whole way...but we did go about 1 mile of it. And surprise surprise our little Lily Bug was leading the way, and I mean charging was so not like her hehehe. Way to go Lily!
Jericho was on lock down in the stroller, and not very happy about it.
The trio were racing...oh how can we bottle that energy.
You can't see it too well but that dark speck on the tip of the branch is a hummingbird. We got to see a lot of them along the trail. We were even treated to a hummingbird vs butterfly fight...the butterfly was winning when we left LOL.
When we got back to the cabins, David and Auntie Stacie had a surprise for the kids to see.
Such a cute frog :)
We made a new friend, meet Andrew the chipmunk...Alvin's cousin of course.
We headed to our cabin to make a picnic lunch. The trio played out in the back for a little while. It is so nice to be able to trust a point. We told them they could not go near the water, and they listened! We kept an eye on them from the window, I snapped this pic. Xander walked over to the little wood bench and sat down to watch some ducks swim by.
We had lunch then tackled the Big Obsidian Flow. The flow was created 640 A.D., when the Newberry volcano last erupted.
Pretty cool history to this place actually, but we were most excited for our little rock collector...AKA Hayden, to see all the super cool obsidian rocks.

It was a pretty decent climb up, Jericho got a fun bumpy ride LOL.

My fear of heights was starting to kick...but it was really amazing up there.
Auntie Stacie and David had a lot of fun showing the trio the view.

This is about where I had a panic attack. As much as I don't like heights, I REALLY don't like my kids near any kind of edge they could fall from. I almost couldn't take this.
The obsidian and pumice and other rocks were really cool...and there was a ton of them. We didn't even make it all the way through.

A little group shot with Auntie and her uncooperative nephews and nieces LOL.
Crazy to think this is all from a volcano.
That obsidian can be super sharp. Poor Bug got two pretty good cuts and I got one myself.

When we left the flow area we headed up to Paulina Peak...or the top of the Newberry volcano.
It was an amazing view, but I was so glad the kids all passed out in the car on the drive there so they didn't get to see it.

Pretty high up there. I got to use one of the countries highest elevation bathroom. It was just a glorified porta potty, but what do you want at almost 8,000 feet :)

After all that we headed back to the cabin and went for a swim.

Lily and Jason went pretty far out, she is such a little fish!

So happy :)
She was turning blue but still didn't want to get out LOL.

Haddie actually got in the water a little today.

Jericho loved the water, but he stayed about knee deep.

While the triplets took a 30 min long shower...YAY they have found a new love for showers, this could make bath time so much faster, I ran into this guy. He was acting really is not often that butterflies don't fly away from you. So I wet a paper towel with some sugar water and gave him a long drink. About 20 min later he perked up and flew away :)
We took another walk after dinner, Hayden got to pee in the woods for the first time. She was so excited she ran to her Dad YELLING "I pee'd on the ground, I pee'd on the ground." LOL.
We were all a little sad knowing that tonight is our last night in the has been so wonderful!
Post's from day ONE, TWO and FOUR of our trip.

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