Friday, August 31, 2012

Go Lily, Go Lily!

Day 2 of no big kids in diapers...Lily is totally rocking the potty training! She is kinda following the plan of sitting on the pot around the clock LOL, Xander did that too his first week. She had only 1 accident today...GO LILY! This is so wonderful, just as awesome as I dreamed it would be Hahaha!

Jericho thinks he needs to join the club, the bigs have dubbed themselves members of 'The Potty Trained Kids Club', Lil Man will not leave his diaper on. I am not quite ready to take that on yet, so packing tape has become a necessity. I do think he will be ready pretty soon though, for sure will be done much earlier than the triplets were. How is it that he turned 20 months old today? Good gravy he will be 2 before we know it. Better get to thinking about his party, winter parties suck so much LOL.

We have been sticking pretty close to home while Lily gets the hang of this. Today the kids all played with the left over "fire wood" from our backyard campout. Jericho actually started building this bridge, the trio joined in and then they walked over it a 100 times. Then of course Xander and Jericho had to try to rally their bikes/trikes over it. Boys!

I was inside making lunch when Xander brought me flowers, and delivered them through the window LOL.
Thank you sweet boy.

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