Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fish on!

Day two at the lodge was so much fun! The kids all went to bed really well last night, a nice change from our Grants Pass vacation where we had to go to sleep with them. Mom and Dad actually got to stay up and hang out a little. Thankfully we didn't stay up all night, Jericho thought 5 am was a good time to wake up. At least Jason got these sunrise pictures, it was an amazing sunrise...the sun was like a blood orange color, really cool.

The triplets got up around 7, we had a quick breakfast and headed off to rent a boat.
The bigs were pretty excited to be going on a fishing boat.

Everyone wanted to help Dad drive.

We all had fun, but I think 5 hours out on a boat was about 2 hours too long this year LOL.
We had two little poles, so Jason got them baited with worms and set them in. We didn't have licenses, shhh, we were not planning to catch anything it was just for fun for the kids...and I guess they don't need a license.

They each got a turn to reel the line in, which they wanted to do the whole time. We tried to tell them that you just have to leave it alone and watch but it was a hard concept for them LOL.

Then to our surprise, about 90 min into our boat ride we had a fish on! Jason...with a lot of help LOL, reeled the fish in.

So exciting!

It wasn't a giant fish, but decent sized. Probably 3 lbs or so, I think it was a German Brown Trout.
Xander and Hayden both touched the fish, then we let it go :)
That fun worked up an appetite, so we had some PB&J's on the boat. Jericho made a real mess LOL.
After we returned the boat it was time to play in the lake. The kids had so much fun playing with Auntie Stacie and David. Though Miss Hayden stayed on the shore with Grandpa.
We had a Bald Eagle and a couple Osprey flying over us all day...this one is the Eagle.

So nice that our cabin was right there. The wet and dirty kids were just a few steps away from a nice long shower when we were all done.
Auntie Stacie cooked dinner for everyone. While she was doing that she let Xander borrow her head light and binocs...he LOVED them! He ran over to our cabin and turned off the light in his room so he could use the lamp.

He had fun looking for "critters" until dinner was ready.

The girls loved playing in the dirt, or their garden as they called it. I think we even had a little dirt eating, you need a napkin?
After dinner we made S'mores. The triplets totally remembered these from our backyard camping fun a couple months ago.
Jericho shoving a marshmallow ugh. 

After dessert we went on a little walk, then stopped off for some horseshoes.

Next up it was bed time for the kiddos. One good thing about the kids getting up at 5 and 7 am and spending the whole day being super busy...bed time was really easy, which was such a nice surprise. Once the munchkins were a snooze Stacie and David came over for some drinks and card games...drinking games are still fun even when you are in your 30's, who knew hehehe. My brand new bottle of Crown took a major hit and...other than two or 3 drinks, I was the only one drinking it LOL.
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