Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cabin camping!

It has been a year since our first family vacation with the kids, we all had a great time in Grants Pass...but man what a difference a year makes!

Grandpa, Auntie Stacie, David and our 6 pack ;) spent 4 fun filled days at Paulina Lake Lodge. We of course had to bring a ton of stuff, 6 people for 4 days need a lot. The truck was stuffed and the trailer was almost half full LOL. It was close to a 5 hour drive to get there, the kiddos did awesome! We did let the trio watch a couple movies...poor Jericho, he is still rear facing so he didn't get to watch.
We had to stop on the road for some lunch. We picked a place with a play structure...I wish fast food joints such as crapdonald's were not the only places to chose from...the kids had a lot of energy.
The lodge was beautiful, the weather couldn't have been nicer and the lake was really lovely.

Jason, the kids and I stayed in the 'Bluebird' cabin, it was perfect for us. Grandpa, Stacie and David stayed right across the walk from us.

Bluebird has a nice full kitchen.

The living room was big, even had room for a 10 person dining table in one corner.
It had some gross neat decorations.


2 bedrooms, Jericho shared our room and the triplets got the other.

Not only did the cabin have a bathroom, but it was tile with a dual head shower...pretty schwanky LOL.
The trio LOVED their room. Xander got one bed and the girls shared the other.

Hayden loved the bouncey!
Jericho tried Xan's bed out. I can not wait until he can share his brother's room instead of mine LOL.

We were in the cabin for about 5 min when the triplets noticed there was no TV or radio. We were there for about 6 min when I noticed there was no internet or cell service LOL. Talk about unplugged.

It was all good though, there was so much to do outside. If you walked out the back door of our cabin and went about 10 feet you were in the lake! What a great view!

We loved sitting out there just looking at the lake. We told the kids that when it got dark there were going to be a billion stars to look at...the lodge is at about 6,400 ft elevation, so the stars seemed so close....Hayden said "but we don't have a telescope" Hahaha.


ericho was such a good boy, he is so grown up for 19 months. It is wild how much having older siblings to watch helps.
Heading back to the cabin we had our first injury LOL.
Xander showing off his owie.
The La-Z-boy's were a big hit...even with Grandpa :)
We had dinner at the lodge with Auntie Stacie and David, Grandpa was tired from the tirp.

We took a little walk around the lodge and found the kids a cute little play house to have fun in before bed.

Back at the cabin we were waiting on the stars, it was a bit smokey due to all the wildfires around Oregon right now. Auntie Stacie got the kids these cute chairs. Jason is a Duck fan, Stacie a Beaver fan...the chairs were a funny little poke. It seems though that Jericho is also a Duck fan, he spent the whole night throwing the chairs off the deck. Here he was buzzed by a pretty large moth...eekkkk.
A great first ready for bed!
Posts about day TWO, THREE and FOUR of our trip!

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