Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trying to keep busy.

We are all missing the cabin and all the fun we had. I feel so cooped up, even though it has only been a day LOL, and the kids have been on a serious TV kick since we got home last night.
Of course this means the little sibling arguments are back, mostly we hear the big kids telling Jericho "Get off me Bud, I'm not a couch" or "No Bud, my lap is little, get off" poor Jericho just loves them so much he can't help himself sometimes LOL.
I am hapy to say that Xander made it the whole trip without an accident...I think we can safely say he is potty trained, day time anyway. Jason and I were talking to all the kids today, we said "now that Hayden and Xander are both part of the potty trained kids club who will be next?" Lily pipes up with "Ooh pick me pick me!" We just busted out we haven't been trying to pick her for a year now.

We needed to get out of the house we headed over to Grandma's for a swim!
Silly girl :)

It was a bit chilly. Please don't tell me summer is already coming to an just got here :(
Daddy and Lily got in of course. Bug had to show Grandma the swimming progress she made at the lake.

High flying Lily...she used to catch a lot more air when Dad did this with her at a year old vs 4 years old LOL.

With Xan and Haddie now potty trained and not in diapers, we put a swim diaper on Jericho but totally forgot Lily. She went in in her regular diaper. I noticed a while later, and asked her to get out and let me take it off. I told her J.Lo wanted her booty back LOL.

Haddie was demonstrating how we caught a fish on the lake :)

Silly boy LOL
Waiting for dinner the kids played a little 'Break the Ice' with Grandma. Xander still has a different game plan than the girls...he is all about the destruction.

A little after dinner horsing around before we headed home. My boys :)

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