Monday, August 27, 2012

Just a big kid.

My kids are so lucky, they have such a fun Dad! Every evening after dinner the trio demand ask for their Dad to go out on the trampoline with them and do "tublin' tumblin'." They have created this game where they pig pile on Jason and then they all hold on while he rolls over...with them hugging to him. I am not quite sure how they don't get crushed, but they love it and ask over and over for another turn.
When Dad needs a break he gets them all running around in circles. It is so funny to watch little kids running on a trampoline...their little legs just move so funny LOL. Here is a little 20 second peek.

I am not sure who has more fun out there, the kids...or their Dad.
Just look at my little 20 month old jump hehehe

Poor Dad takes a beating out there.

It is no wonder he is usually limping or otherwise unsound when he comes in from playing with them.

Go Lil Buddy!

So funny. Lily was trying to catch Jericho, he was jumping away as fast as he could LOL.

Tumbling with just two of the munchkins.
Hayden's hair braid free for the night....she paid for it later when I had to brush all the tangles out :(

She was showing off the static.

Jason showing off too...his back flips. He had done a couple in a row, when our neighbor...and friend (Stone's Dad) hollered over the fence to do another one. Jason yelled back that he just wanted to see him hurt himself LOL. Which was inevitable, of course ;)
At least the kids all know to stay clear and just enjoy watching. Then they all want to try, so far none of them can do a either for that matter.

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