Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ol' Red*

Oh Lily Bug...could you be any cuter?!
I know it is usually Hayden who is singing and digging the music thing, but today Lily gave her a run for her money. Not only was Lily in a singing mood, but she even added playing a little guitar too. She was doing this over and over and over for about an hour before dinner, so I finally went and grabbed my camera and got a couple takes on video.
It is only 30 seconds, but it is pure awesomeness LOL!!! Bug seems to like a little more country, while Haddie is more pop these days. Blake, hope my little 4 year old made you proud :)
We are getting ready for our trip to the lake with Auntie Stacie and Grandpa, so I have a feeling she was just getting warmed up. The kids love hearing their Auntie play for them, lots of singing and dancing is in our future I think.

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