Monday, June 9, 2014

I heart photos.

A few friends have turned me on to a great spot, I Heart Faces. They hold fun photo challenges, judged by actual photographers...not simply popularity contests, they also share a lot of great info that should help me improve my photo taking abilities.

Their current challenge is called 'All Boy'. I knew I wanted to enter this challenge, for the first time, and that it would probably be a photo of my very much ALL BOY son Jericho...but picking just one photo of this silly, adorable and wild little man is hard.

I went with this one because it was very recent, and it shows off my 3 1/2 year olds daring, wild, carefree, energetic and fun...all boy side perfectly. Love this kid :)

Check out I heart faces (link above) ...lots of amazing photos, I would be happy to one day be half as good as these photographers!

This pic is from our recent beach getaway, the kiddos jumped this spot over and over...the angle is funny, they cleared it with no trouble, even though it looks like he is about to get soaked.

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