Thursday, June 5, 2014

Who's the boss?

The girls got to have a sleep over at Grandma's today, they were super excited! I really can't believe we are at the sleep over point, this is their 3rd, where did the last darn near six years go?! My babies are getting so grown up, my girls especially...they are so mature and trustworthy. Oregon law is a child must be 10 to be left home alone, but I swear we could leave these 2 home alone now for a half hour or so and they wouldn't get into any trouble. Too bad the boys are not at all ready LOL.

They got to go with Grandma to the park, a baseball game, and a restaurant for dinner. Pretty fun stuff!

Grandma gave a glowing report, of course, she said the girls actually cleaned the house while she jumped in the that's what I'm talking about LOL!!!

The boys and I had a chill day at home, watching lots of boy stuff on TV that the girls never go for Hahaha. Xander and Jason did have a pretty funny exchange before Jason headed off to work today. 

Xander: Dad I want to watch Thor!
Jason: You will have to ask your Mom, I'm going to work so I won't be here.
Xander: You're not in charge?
Xander: You're not the boss Dad?
Xander: You are not the boss Dad, Mom is. me: Are you hearing this?

 That's right, and don't you forget it! We teach em young around here :)

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