Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer school lunches are back!

The kiddos loved coming last year for the lunches at their new school, it is a really great summer program our district does, free breakfasts and lunches 6 days a week for anyone under 18. We have never gone for breakfast...and only average about once a week for lunch but it makes for a nice afternoon. After lunch we stay and play on the playground for a couple hours.

The lunches are so-so, except for the salad, veggie and fruit bar...that part is awesome, and thankfully we have kids that love all that stuff. It is funny my kids almost don't touch their questionable nuggets, pizza, nacho's or burgers...but they eat all their fresh veggies and fruit LOL. I think their turkey sandwiches would be more of a hit if they used better cheese, we have created little cheese snobs since we raised them on Tillamook cheese for the most part, they can't stand any of that imitation crap Hehehe. Actually I think one of the reason they love coming so much is the chocolate milk. As Lily was sucking down the last of hers those slurping noises, indicating the carton is empty, started. Lily turned to me and said "That's a sad sound." LMAO...yes, yes it is.

They love eating at their school, we still haven't told them they won't get to eat lunch here this coming year (since our Kindy classes are only half day) but they will be able to have breakfast at school if they want to, so hopefully that will be a decent enough compromise for them. I can't believe we have less than 3 months until school starts...eeekkkkk!

It was a beautiful day to stay and play.

Miss Haddie made it all the way across the monkey bars all by herself!!!

Look at her go!

Almost there...keep going!

Woohoo! High five Dad!

Lily's you have to move.

Nice try Bug LOL.

Jericho's hair needs to grow out a little bit. We have come to the conclusion that this haircut makes him look like Steve Irwin...kinda fitting, my little man would totally have no fear of a Croc ;)

The girls...well more Hayden really, made a couple new friends. Haddie makes friends really easy, Lily I think is too lazy to put much effort in to it. She would go play with them for a little while and come back saying "Well that didn't go too well, but I tried." Silly girl.

Well scrap that idea...this is what happens when your hubby forgets to bring a freshly painted bookshelf in and it sprinkles over night. Not sure what we will do with this now. May be my ticket to chalk paint after all LOL ;)

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