Friday, June 20, 2014

The yuckiest petting zoo ever.

When we were having lunch at the kids school yesterday the kiddos were informed that a petting zoo would be at the school today. Awww, ponies, goats, fun, of course we had to come back today. Yeah, the petting zoo was not so cute...though they did have 1 bunny LOL.

This was more of a strange, and kinda yucky, critter petting zoo. They had a big snake...all the kiddos pet her. I actually kind of like snakes, just wish they didn't have to eat cute little rats and mice :(

The bunny, they all loved the bunny.

This is a Tuatara, a really neat, ancient species, that has a 3rd eye in the back of it's head...pretty cool.

Turtles are even cute to me.

Why did I say the petting zoo was icky? Well between the giant mutant cockroaches (that totally triggered my possible PTSD condition from our Florida trip a couple years ago) and the Leaf insect which I think is related to the walking stick, I was grossed out. Ohhh the leaf insect, they have freaked me out since Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom...remember the part when Willie in down in the bug infested belly of the castle, she says "Oh, I broke a nail" and she turns her hand over and that nasty bug is in her hand waving legs and antennae at her...yuck I am going to have bug nightmares tonight I bet.

Oh Hayden, don't touch it...I had to get pictures of this. So gross, and I am not your typical grossed out by everything girly girl...but I have no use for roaches, leaf bugs or most spiders.

I'm glad the kids all had fun...good thing they weren't expecting ponies or goats LOL.

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