Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Pit bull is a giant baby.

Today my beasty 9 1/2 year old Pit Bull went in for a check up, blood work and to get him some drugs for this 4th of July so he is not a mess like last year. I got lucky and stayed home with our 2 legged babies, Jason got the job of going with the biggest baby in our house. Gangster has always been healthy as a horse...so he doesn't go to the vet often. He needed a nail trim BAD, Jason and I just can't do it...G is awful, he screams, cries and squirms like you are trying to kill him...and frankly I think we are both just wusses but at any rate we like the pro's to do it. He used to wear the nails down a lot on his own, but the last year or so the old man just isn't moving as much I guess. He is a very sweet boy, but the vet staff asked if they could muzzle him for the nail trim, since we warned them he is very resistant to the procedure. Jason and I had actually talked about it before they went to the appointment, we figured they would ask...and decided we wouldn't put up a stink. G has never bit anyone, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. We need to look out for him, he is a dog and they don't always make the right decisions, he would be in relative strangers hands and under going a scary (to him) procedure...anything is possible. Jason started texting me when they took G out of the room for the trim. He wrote that he could hear him screaming and crying from wherever he was in the back. Then he texted that he heard them call for more help LOL, so pathetic what a big baby he is. I guess when they finally brought him back the tech told Jason they ended up using food, she said a couple people were holding him, one person was hand feeding him bits of food through the muzzle and one person was cutting his nails. Good grief LOL.

 Back home...whew, you made buddy. Your nails look good ;)

Jason's day didn't get much better I'm afraid, when he got home he had to get under the house. Thankfully he had lots of eager helpers Hehehe.

There was another school shooting today, this one was right here in Oregon...and way too close to home. My babies are all starting school this fall, the trio will be in their Kindy class 5 half days a week, and Jericho will be in Preschool 4 half days a week...this shit needs to stop. I am so scared whenever they are out of my sight, and stuff like this absolutely does not help. I am seriously one step away from looking for 4 bubbles. I am so tired of all these shootings. WTF is going on with people?!?! I hate that innocent people are losing their lives, and the ones that make it through these situations will probably be damaged for life. I hate that people are hurting or just plan crazy but are not getting the help they need. I also hate that a few obviously imbalanced people make all of us gun owners look bad. I wish I knew what the hell was going on, but I don't. I will not agree to give up my guns or my CHL, obviously the sane law abiding people need to balance out the criminals and those that have serious issues. Guns are not the problem, I have owned guns since I was 12...none of my guns have killed anyone yet. Thoughts going out to all those who have been killed or injured in senseless acts like this...awful for everyone involved.

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