Saturday, June 21, 2014

Keeping the rust at bay.

The kiddos got to hang with their fave babysitter...and cousin, Tyler, while the grown ups headed to the woods to brush up their shooting skills. We need to try to go more than a couple times a year, but as it turns out, we are still quite rust free :)

Jason also wanted to test out a couple of silencers that he made...yes, you do need a special license for these.


The silencers worked well, especially wet/oiled and using subsonic ammo (which is crap ammo, but it does improve on the noise). We didn't need ear plugs with the pistol, the AR you could shoot without hearing protection but you wouldn't want to do it all day. I would say it knocked the noise down by 30%...which is what the $800 store bought silencers claim to do, not bad for what cost him about $20 to make (not including his time and labor)...could be a business here.

We had a group of 6 today, my brothers and their better halves, Jason and I could only stayed about 3 1/2 hours but it was enough.

I did really good, even though I didn't shoot a whole lot...put 3 magazines through my XD, and 3 through my Sig. Then put one magazine through the AR. The rest of the time I admit to chatting with my sister in laws LOL. It was a beautiful day, we had a little picnic and just enjoyed the quiet. Funny how 5 people blasting round after round off all around me is "quiet" compared to being home with my 4 non stop noise makers :)

The steel targets Jason made (Rick and Scott each got one for Christmas last year) work like a dream...he is a pretty darn handy guy to have around. We just spray paint them between magazines and never have to deal with paper targets ever again LOL.

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