Saturday, June 20, 2015

Almost ready for a big announcement.

Xander's finger is healing up...he finally lost the nail. It wasn't as gross as he was afraid it was going to be...thank goodness, he was really freaking out about it LOL.
Kitsune's first weekend at the boarders. She did great actually.

We had a little Father's Day get together for Jason's Grandpa, Uncle Steve and Jason today.

Uncle Steve hosted, he has some fun stuff that kept the munchkins entertained.

Ut oh, their first taste of gambling.

Pin ball too.

The kids made and wrapped their Great Grandpa some gifts...they did it without any adult help, needless to say the um gifts were totally ah unique :) of course Great Grandpa love them!

We are so close to being able to make a very big, and very exciting, announcement. For now I will just tease you with a few pictures. What a beautiful spot!!!

Forgot to share these the other day...
Our first shaved ice experience.

These are SMALLS...and were way to big for all of us LOL.

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