Saturday, June 6, 2015

Too hot to stay home.

Since we have to keep the windows shut and the fans off for 4 days our house is sweltering in this was 85 degrees in our house at 10pm last nigh. Today we spent most of the day out of the house. We wanted to let the kids and mutt splash around a bit, so we hit up a little nature park that we had not been to before.

My whole crew...looking down into the creek below.
We discovered the place was crawling, literally, with thousands of caterpillars. The kids got really up close and personal with them LOL. Something about this pic I really love.
The creek was chilly but it felt good.

Everyone had a blast splashing around...and saving caterpillars. There were so many just falling into the water, the kids were in full rescue mode for a good 45 minutes.
They would fish them out then take them to shore and put them on leaves.

This picture stuck me as funny...almost a remake of the one of her holding a butterfly about 4 years ago.

The creek was awesome, really clean and just the perfect depth for exploring.

Xan loved the caterpillars.

Such a beautiful spot.

Kitsune had a blast too...though she did bark at a couple horses that went by.

This may be my next canvas...and a new fave. Love my girls, they are so cute...such a great bond.

We brought a picnic lunch...but forgot a knife, so Jason had to improvise LOL.

After lunch we headed right back to the creek for more caterpillar fun. We talked about taking some home to put in our butterfly garden and release after they turned into butterflies but I wanted to try to identify them first. Good thing I did, unfortunately from info I found online all these different caterpillars look to be moths and not butterflies. Poor moths, they are like the ugly step sister in the family.

Kitsune had a great time going after her ball in the water and in the brush...she had to keep popping up to see where she was going, it was pretty funny to watch her.

So many different caterpillars, I just wished some of them were butterfly caterpillars.

Lily was so happy she wore her suit, such a water kid.

Xan, the caterpillar whisperer.

Such a cool park to explore, we will be back I'm sure.

We found a teeny tiny baby caterpillar, the smallest one I have ever seen.

Lots of bigger ones too...even saw a few cocoons.

The kids could have stayed all day and night.

Lily didn't mind the chilly water at all...this pic is kinda cool.

Jason threw Kitsune's toy right by my little water fairy so she got splashed, I'm surprised she took it with a smile.

Jericho was busy rearranging the rocks...he said it was hard work...but it kept him busy and entertained forever.

Bye Mr. Caterpillar, until next time.

Next up we went to a friends for a little BBQ. They had a little pool set up for the kids to play in. It was perfect!

It was time for Jericho's stitches to get removed, Nurse Michele kindly helped us out. No fussing out of my brave guy.

My friend got her first canvas...I have infected her with my canvas disease. Even better, her first canvas is of a photo I snapped during our beach trip last year. I'm so proud ;)

This is the original...I love it too!

Today was such a wonderful day...the craziness of packing and moving is just around the corner, I am glad we got to enjoy today.

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