Monday, June 8, 2015

Thank you Belle!

We took cupcakes into the triplets class, along with the party invites, to celebrate their bday a little early. We let the trio invite the whole it bad to hope they all can't make it LOL. Our parties are already so huge, this could be totally packed. They were so excited to see us, and Jericho. There were a couple other summer birthday kids in class to, their teacher printed them all up a little certificate and had the class sing all the summer bday kids happy birthday, then they all ate cupcakes.

I missed the 'Thank you volunteers' party...but the kids teacher had a little gift for me. Totally unexpected and very sweet.

We had a big surprise in the chicken coop today...good thing I opened up their nest boxes a couple weeks back. I didn't see who left our very first egg, but I am guessing it was Belle. The egg is blue and being an Easter Egger she is the only one that should lay a blue egg. I was so hoping she would lay blues...they don't always, I am so excited!

The kids were so excited, Xander made a point to tell Belle "I'm so proud of you" and "thanks for the food" LOL They keep looking at it LOL.

They all had to take turns holding it.

Not a bad size for a first egg, next to a store bought egg, eggs usually start out pretty small while the hen gets their system going. Can't wait for the other 6 to get busy!

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