Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Jericho couldn't wait to get his bandage off this morning so he could check out the carnage.
3 stitches and cute as a button. He should be good as new right quick.
Goodness this child is too much.

In other recovery news, it seems the cetaphil protocol did the trick. We haven't seen any live bugs. We have to do the repeat treatments, just to be sure, but I think we will be 100% in the clear very soon!!!

Crazy dingo. I can no longer play fight with my least not until I lock up their little protector. They of course know this, so when I put her in her crate and go about whooping booty they make a B line to her and let her out. Jericho actually says "His robot dog is unstoppable" then tries to sic "his" dog on me...turd LOL.

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