Friday, June 12, 2015

Triplets last day of kindergarten!*

How the heck did this year fly by so fast? My babies last day of kindergarten, sadly only Xander was excited. Hayden and Lily both are sad that they won't see their teacher anymore, and since they are going to be in a new school for first grade, they are also sad that they won't be with their classmates anymore.

They have grown and matured so much this year, we are so proud of them!
They were really excited to give their teacher a going away gift.

Jason bought the flower for me, I noticed right away it had 3 flowers going...he said he never even caught on to its tripletness, of course not, who would besides me LOL.

While the big kids were at their last day of Kindy Jericho sent his Dad a personal Happy Birthday message :) Happy 35th love!!!

Hayden has been crying off and on for a few days now about the end of the school year, Lily started today...just as soon as she stepped off the bus. She cried for almost an hour, poor thing. We went to a park to try and cheer everyone up.

I distracted her with a little photo shoot.

Pretty Miss Bug.

Lily Bug had a song to sing...don't let her fool you, she has her Momma's sweet tooth no matter what she says here LOL!

My silly monkey's...just hanging out.

Can't believe I will have first graders next year...and they will be in school all day. I'm going to miss them...did I just say that?!

When we got home we found a second chicken has started laying...these ones are brown, I am guessing Mulan, but not positive as 5 of the 7 should lay eggs that are some shade of brown.

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