Thursday, June 25, 2015

Moving a barn is no small thing.

Find a fantastic deal on a 36' X 60' pole barn on craigslist, like SCREAMING deal, you get all excited...until it comes time to move the barn, and its many many broken down pieces. I am guessing the only thing worse than moving a torn apart pole barn is setting it back up, I am hoping we will have it back together before fall...that may be wishful thinking, we shall see.

Hopefully what it will look like again one day.

Yup a lot of work will go into putting it back together...I'm scared LOL.

In all truth, today was my only day helping move barn parts. Jason has been at it for days...and we aren't done yet.
The kids had a picnic lunch, Kitsune ran her tail off and Jason and I sweated our butts off loading up barn wood.

Loading up the trailer takes a lot of hard work, thankfully unloading it at Jason's friends is much easier with the help of a forklift.

After all our hard work, we stopped over at Grandma's for a cooling dip in the pool.

After "falling" in the pool 3 times we started thinking Kitsune was doing it on purpose LOL. Not many dogs can climb out on their requires a lot of upper body strength to climb out on the slick side of the pool, but my ripped 45 lb 8 month old can. We also showed her the stairs, if she insists on falling in so much she should learn the easier way out.

Grandma had some butterfly wings that she let the kids play with. Silly kids.

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