Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Farm dog training, step 1.

A big, and very exciting, move is getting closer for our family. I am too scared of jinxing it to directly spill the beans just yet...but I can share some clues.

Kitsune is in farm dog training, she has started doing intros with our hens. We have the safety net of an electric collar, but honestly she really doesn't show any interest at all in them...which goes a long way for her first step. The Dutch Shepherd is a 100 year old breed than started out a farm dog, I am hoping she still has some of that in there. We are going to need a good farm dog, or two ;)

Between the toy and the e collar she was like what chickens LOL.

She does really great, but so far the girls have been relatively calm around her...I worry if her prey/toy drive kicks in when they get to running or flapping or otherwise making themselves look like a fun toy to chase down. So far so good.
I think we may have a 4th girl that has started to lay...and one of our girls has started giving us bigger eggs, though I am guessing this is a double yolk too.

Boys, boys, boys. I think Victoria's Secret is out LOL.

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