Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's about to go down.

We have all been recovering from a super fun Fiesta party...this pic was the next morning on our drive home from Grandma's LOL.

The bigs turned 7 and all of a sudden they are so grown up. They woke Jason and I...and a bed hopping Jericho, up this morning asking us to come see a surprise. The trio had made us all toast and milk for breakfast. It was the sweetest thing ever, and I was actually hungry LOL.
They found a cute little frog today while playing with their friend William.

It started feeling like we were being watched Hahaha.

It is not exactly easy to throw a ball for a dog and hold a chicken in your lap. Our girls are starting to get real busy in the next boxes.

The fun is about to start...and I am about ready to spill the good news! It feels like we just did this. Taking the kiddos big play structure down and putting it up one LAST time is not something we are looking forward to, but thankfully it is the last time.
I do love picking out paint colors...can't wait to get started!

A couple kid funnies from the last few days....

Lily was having a melt down about an unrelated issue, Hayden was trying to talk everyone into pizza for dinner tonight.

Hayden: Lily, do you want pizza for dinner?
Lily: Argh grr blah grrrrrrrr.
Hayden: I'll take that as a yes.

One more...
At dinner time the other day Jason said I have six ice creams, one for whoever finishes their dinner.
Lily pipes up with "I hate when you use ice cream against me." She cracks me up so much!!!


Wendy said...

LILY!! hahhahaah Ice cream is the ultimate weapon.

Erika said...

hahaha That is too cute. Kids are the best.