Friday, July 31, 2015

Down on the farm.

I kinda nixed doing any inside work today...there is more painting and unpacking to be done of course, but I needed a break. Xander and I have been busy getting this big pen area in shape for our chickens, pigs and goats. This area is 55 feet by 53 feet and was totally over grown with weeds taller than me...and the trash that has accumulated in here was gross.

It is already starting to look so much better. Though just because it is 100 degrees out don't go hack down an over grown chicken coop area with a machete while wearing shorts and flip flops....the stinging nettles will find your feet, toes and legs. At least the kids were entertained with all the little animal skeletons we found, or "fossils" as they called them LOL. Aww the farm life.

You used to not be able to see through this fence.

All of this was taller than me...I have 6 blisters from wielding that machete.

Love this pic. I LOVE my new home and property...I feel so happy and at home here.
Still lots more work to do.

Xander has been a huge help, he and Hayden both are really taking to things out here. Lily not so much, and Jericho just runs and gets dirty all day every day LOL.

Kitsune is also loving it up here...she has actually lost some weight from all the running and playing, we are trying to get it back on her but I think she is just too active.
She is such a pretty girl, and an amazing farm dog. She shadows the kids and never runs off...such a good girl!
Lots of blackberries all over the property, there are wild strawberries and raspberries too...but only the blackberries taste good.
The chickens love them too. The girls have been on a bit of an egg freeze since the move, hopefully they kick it back into gear soon.

I wanted nothing more than a nice cool soak after working outside this afternoon. Kitsune was a bit jealous ;)

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