Saturday, August 1, 2015

Annual camp out with friends.

I have been without internet for 2 I am playing catch up with my blog posts...

Our second annual camp out with our best buds, life at the new house is in total bad that Jason and I considered not coming this year. We just couldn't miss out on having a blast with our friends, so we took a break today to have some fun.

The kiddos wanted to jump right in the pool. Haddie tried to apply sunscreen to her face all by herself LOL.
So much fun!

This ball was a big hit with the boys.

Hands free donut eating contest. This was too funny!

Hayden's donut hit the floor, everyone yelled at her to finish it quick for the win. She didn't even hesitate LOL.
Lisa decided to try the exploding watermelon via a zillion rubber bands trick. It took a lot of rubber bands, everyone took turns off and on all day adding rubber bands.

When the kids got bored the adults took a turn.
It is looking like it's working.

Boom...explosion. Yes you can actually blow up a watermelon using a zillion rubber bands.
Kitsune came with to the camp out...she had a blast, and acquired a few more fans for the Dutch Shepherd.
She is so fun.

We need a hammock up at the new house.

Pinata clothes.
The old gang.
Watching Home...and letting the adults have some alone time to talk about the good ol days and share near death experience stories of their childhoods together LOL. Good times!

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