Friday, August 28, 2015

Farm to farm sales are awesome.

There is a saying in farming..."If you want to make a small fortune farming, start with a large fortune." LOL thankfully we are not looking to really make money with our small farm...more just use it to subsidize our family expenses. No matter what your plans are for your farm or homestead, set up is crazy expensive. We were fortunate to meet someone who was in the process of selling his property and needed to move a lot of stuff, this is the same guy that gave us the awesome deal on the pole barn. Jason has been hauling trailer load after trailer load for a couple months now...we have stuff everywhere. It all looks a bit of a mess now, but we have so many options and uses for all this...the possibilities are endless, and we got it all for a screaming deal which really helps with keeping expenses low.

Jason still has a good 3 trailer loads left to bring home...I hope the rains hold off so we can put some of this stuff to use.
The two little babies are getting bigger, about ready to get the boot out to the baby coop and run until they are big enough to move in with the grown ups.

I am starting to have my doubts about this one...we may be looking for a new, more masculine, name for Snow White I am afraid.

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