Saturday, August 8, 2015

And a farm was born.

Chickens may be a gateway drug to farming, but a dozen chickens doesn't a farm make.
Now you add 3 American Guinea Hog piglets...voila farm status LOL.

Every farm needs a name, Jason actually came up with ours. Way to go babe!
I told him since our street address has "Pleasant" in it I wanted that in the name. He knows living on a small farm has always been a dream for me. When we were tossing around ideas for our farm name he suggested 'Pleasant Dreams Farm'. I was sold instantly.

We headed over to a farm in Oregon to pick out our future breeding trio of piglets. I love farmers, they are just so nice and down to earth. We got to meet most of his 40 hogs and a bunch of adorable wee piglets.
The kids were is hog heaven, har har har, they especially loved the babies...of course who doesn't love tiny baby piglets.
All the hogs were really very friendly, one of the reasons we selected this breed. I also like that they are more hands off than the huge commercial hogs. While these guys may only top out between 200 and 300 lbs they forage for most of their diet, with some hay and table scrap supplementing. They also don't root and tear up your land quite as much as other hogs.

Just before the guys got down to the real hard work...catching 3 piglets, that was a sight to see LOL, we took a look at his cattle. Most of our 10 acres is pasture, and since we don't own a $40,000 brush hog there will be no mowing all that. So we need to look into some more animals for the farm. Cows seem like a logical choice...pasture eating, milk giving beef machines. I just don't want huge cows...these guys are Dexter's. The ones that aren't tiny babies are actually full grown adults. They stay a very manageable size, and have nice temperaments, while still providing beef, milk and mowing services. We will be bringing 2 or 3 ladies home later this year or early next.

They all came over hoping for some treats...when we walked away without giving out a single snack we heard all about it LOL.
More tiny babies to pet.
Xander was giving this big guy treats.
After a good 30 minutes of baiting and chasing we took our three little pigs home. These three will likely remain off menu...while they provide us with litters of bacon seeds.

On our drive home Jason picked up a little something too. I get chickens and pigs for the farm...Jason gets a "farm ride". LOL.

We had a storage unit delivered, until our barn/garage is built we need some where to stuff our crap store things. The guy had serious problems dropping it started sliding and almost took out the shed. Xander and I watched the poor guy work on it forever, he finally got it...without damaging anything.

I walked over to our small barn that the previous owners built and stocked with hay. Needs a little work, but it is kind of cool. I have always loved barns.

Don't mind the mess. My house is still not done or put back together...but Kitsune is cracking us up with her feline fly chasing (every once in a while even catching) skills. It is not so good when she bites at one while they are landed on someones body however LOL.


Bianca said...

Hello! I'm a in-frequent visitor to your blog. Love the new lay out - congratulations on the farm! I look forward to seeing what you do with the place


Erika said...

Bacon seeds!! hahaha