Sunday, August 9, 2015

Here piggie, piggie, piggie.*

Kitsune got to try out her IPO skills this morning. She went after the training tools like she knew what she was doing LOL. I think she is a natural and has a bright future in the sport.

 A fellow club member took some awesome shots of her playing around with the "helper".

Nice deep's in her genes to be a working dog.
The boys were given a couple club hats...I fully intend to steal one LOL.
A little break in the shade.

Snacks and blackberries kept my minions busy for most of the morning.

Momma and Xan selfie.

My little country girl Lily.

She wore as many blackberries as she ate I think LOL.

Watching the doggie fun.

Sister these two.

Got home in time to give the piggies their scrap lunch.

Wild Style, she is the biggest and warming up pretty quickly, with food incentive.

The kiddos love feeding the pigs.

The mid sized one is President Business, he is still very unsure of us and skittish.

Wee little Unipiggie, she is warming up the fastest...probably because she is the youngest.

We will keep the yummies coming, I bet the come around.

I guess Kitsune didn't get enough of a work out today at training. I came back from tucking the piglets in for the night to find she had kicked the kids off their swing and was trying to pull down the whole tree. Silly Dutchie you have your own rope swing, stop hogging all the toys! LOL.
Good night, Pleasant Dreams Farm, sleep tight.

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