Tuesday, August 11, 2015

They eat like pigs!

More fun with the pigs today. We have been bringing them out scraps three times a day right now...mostly to get them used to us and help them settle in and be more chummy.
Unipiggie is enjoying the belly rubs. She is the most settled in so far.
Wild style is warming up too.
President Business is a big wuss, but hopefully he will keep getting better.
If you couldn't tell, the names are courtesy of my kiddos, The Lego Movie...big fans, LOL.

They are so cute! Even if only to their Momma hehehe.

They love their scraps.

Unipiggie takes licking her plate clean to a whole new level.

First grade is almost here...wow! Another bonus to moving to a town where the K-5 school only has 150 students....this is the 1st grade school supplies list LOL.

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