Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Work, work, work.

My 6 blisters need a rest, but this area inside the big chicken, pig, goat run is now chopped down.

What a difference. Looks like the original owners had pigs or goats in here at some point. This should be pretty easy to bring up to par with a little TLC.
All the tansy is down, most of the weeds to. This area is 55 feet by 53 feet, I am hoping the chickens, pigs and goats can share this until we get more of the 10 acres fencing escape proofed.

Love this picture...I just love our property.

We still need to get the kids play structure and trampoline set up, but Jason made them a rope swing when he made one for Kitsune.

Snow White and Cinderella are getting bigger.

Say hello OJ.

Mr. Larry came over and got the new walls textured.

Next up...start on the new/old chicken coop.
Xander and I found this huge guy out in the front pasture.
A couple days ago I got this fortune in my after dinner fortune cookie. Today something AMAZING is in the works, that I have dreamed about since I was 7 or 8 years old. Not ready to spill the beans quite yet...but soon, I can't keep this awesome news all to myself for long LOL.

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