Saturday, August 29, 2015

Awesome Sauce.

It was stormy today...that means a lot of inside stuff was set to get done today. First up, and what I have been waiting the most to granite and a back splash in my kitchen, getting the hearth area for our wood stove done.

Jason and Xander did a lot of tile and rock cutting today. Like the safety glasses dude...looking good.

We picked this wood look a like tile...hope the look I was going for is achieved.

Once all the tile was down we got started on the wall. By "we" I mean I held my clipboard and directed my immensely talented worker bee husband which pieces I wanted where. WE make a great team! LOL.

While Jason was busy with the tile, Jericho was busy being awesome. I loved his shirt...had to take a couple pics.

It took longer than we thought it would to get the rocks in place.

Jason acted annoyed when we came up a foot short on the rock and had to stop for the day...I think he secretly loved it.

Almost done...the wood stove gets here in a couple weeks, we better hurry it up. And by "we" I'm sure you know who I mean LOL.

A Hayden funny for the win today. Anyone catch those Miley Cyrus commercials where she is doing raunchy stuff and well...being Miley? Hayden and I just caught one, Hayden looks at me and says "Is that necessary?" LMAO...and no, no it is not.

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