Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Snakes and lizards and mud, oh boy!

I found a baby garter snake in the yard today. The kiddos loved the little thing, and couldn't wait to show the neighbor girl. Everyone took turns holding him, he was safely released a couple hours after capture...with quite the tale to tell all his buddies.

Cadence brought her lizard back over too.

I guess this is an Alligator Lizard.

Time to check on the piggies. They are getting bigger already.

Prince Charming is getting bigger too...his crow is still nothing to write home about however LOL.

So handsome.

The royal couple. Hopefully these two will give me some pure Salmon Faverolle chicks...gotta find an incubator though.

Ariel is such a pretty girl...even if the kids make fun of her funny butt. She is an English Orpington and I guess they have different rumps than other breeds.

I find her giant eyes a little stranger than her funny behind.

Off to pick blackberries...with a bunch of beggers in tow.

Working on that little crow of his LOL.

They love blackberries.

My pretty blue olive egger.

Unipiggie waiting for some belly rubs.

We are trying to create them a little wallow area.

That face.

Kitsune and Wild Style like to race each other up and down the fence line...it is so funny to watch LOL.

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