Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kitsune almost got in a fight.

One of our neighbors giant cows got into our yard today. I guess she jumped/crashed through their fence when they were trying to move another cow out.
Kitsune thought she was going to take Big Bessie on. Thank goodness for electric collars that can enforce the "here" command.
This old girl was being moved to their front pasture as the butcher was coming for her. Her sister was not happy about being separated and decided to bust out. After chasing her on our property for a good half hour they finally got the other cow back where they wanted her.
Awww Mom you never let me have any fun.
The kids heard that the butcher was coming and Xander really wanted to watch. Jason and I thought about it and decided to let them watch if they wanted. The butcher ended up with a big 4 plus the neighbors 5. We explained to the kids that she was old and her feet were hurting and that the owners said winter is really hard on her so they made the decision to put her down and use her meat to feed their family. I don't know how the kiddos will feel when it is one of OUR animals, but they totally took the butchering on this cow in stride. They watched from gun shot to the butcher cutting her up into small pieces and putting it all in his truck. Guess they are learning some valuable farm lessons...and where healthy and respected food comes from. Hope I can handle it as well.
The chickens got moved up with the pigs today...everyone gets along just fine.

The chickens try to steal bits of scraps when they can...the pigs aren't too protective over their food. They were raised with chickens all around so I figured they would do ok together.

Kitsune got a brief meeting today too, she did pretty well.

The butcher was there for a couple's a lot of work harvesting a big cow.

I did some walking around the back end of our 10 acres...don't get back here too much right now because we really have no need to. It is kind of cool how different it looks from the much greener pictures I took during our pre-buy walk through.
Still beautiful land...even all dried out.

Kitsune loves when we roam back here...more horse poop LOL, dogs are gross.

My barn needs a little work and a paint job. So much to do, so little time.

I really dig this picture.

Our OG's...the original 6, are sticking to themselves right now...the new group intro's are going pretty well though. Of course 3 of my OG's took on Charming already, poor boy.

He is so handsome!

One big happy family. Kitsune doesn't like being left out...but I don't think I can fully trust her with the pigs just yet.

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