Monday, July 20, 2015

Having remodel flashbacks.*

While this face lift won't be near as much work as our last house remodel...some of it seems awfully familiar. The new flooring arrived today, unloading all those boxes was not fun.

Good thing we have some little helpers.

The highlight of their day, riding in the trailer while their Dad backed it up, silly kids.

A cool desk we got from the pole barn is heavier than a mo fo, but it will look awesome in the game room/kids hang out barn.

Someone took a lot of time hand painting neat.

I dig.

Got that wall almost how it opens up the room.

When we were at Justin's today grabbing the water jugs and desk, Kitsune discovered the joys of a rope swing.

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Erika said...

Haha it's like 2am here and I'm cracking up watching Kitsune going after that rope swing. his growling while swinging was adorable. He's really smart!