Saturday, July 18, 2015

Grasshoppers, who knew.

We took our first load to the farm today, the kids big play structure is the biggest pain so it went first. While Jason was getting it out of the trailer the kids and I were trying to catch baby grasshoppers. There were thousands of them, just take a step and 5 went jumping in all directions. They probably won't be so helpful to our future garden...hopefully the chickens can help keep them in check, but they are amazing for keeping kids busy. The kids literally spent 2 hours chasing down crickets, and they loved every minute of it. When we left they were all exclaiming how much they loved our new home and can not wait to live her...grasshoppers, who knew?! LOL
Unfortunately a few crickets didn't make it through the catch to the release.
In hot pursuit.
Along with the grasshoppers the kiddos found a few other critters. This ladybug.

Close inspection.

While we were busy looking for grasshoppers, this praying mantis jumped on Hayden's leg. To her credit she didn't freak out at all, I have been very careful to keep my ick response to spiders and the creepier bugs to myself so not to pass that on to the seems to have worked. When she noticed this guys she yelled out "Guys come look at this huge grasshopper" LOL.

Everyone wanted to hold him.

He really seemed to like his moment in the spotlight.

Back to searching.

Some before pics of the new house, luckily the house is in really good our little face lift will not be as in depth as our last house. We will be removing all the carpet and putting in hardwoods, and painting too.

The kitchen will get granite, a new sink, painted cabinets...even though they are upgraded alder I just am not a fan of the wood look. We will also be doing tile and new appliances down the road.

Love, love, love this is like 3 of the one we have now.

Laundry room.

The amazing view out my kitchen window...over looking our pasture area. I'm in love with this place.

Out our back slider door...big deck plans for out here, and hopefully french doors to replace the slider soon.
This is currently a family room, but we are going to close it off and make it the girls bedroom. The small 4th "bedroom" in the house now is just too tiny for long term use as a bedroom. So we will open that room back up to the dinning room and close off in here.
Xan's room.
Jericho's room.
Guest/kids bathroom. One of the very few drawbacks to this house...we didn't get a dedicated guest powder room like I was hoping for. The other huge draw back is I think we will be stuck with crappy satellite internet...ugh. That is going to hurt LOL.
The master bedroom...which is really big. The house is 2,000 sq ft...almost double the size of our current house, yet it doesn't feel crazy huge.
So much bigger than our current master.
Speaking of so much master bath is almost the 5 piece I was shooting for, and for sure enough to make me happy here. I will not miss my tiny stand up stall shower...never again.

Oh glorious closet...I'm going to need more clothes :)
Buh-buy carpet.

The boys wanted to help...when they took a short grasshopper break.

Kitsune wore herself out good running all over...I think she is going to love it here too.

As we were driving out on our driveway we saw this young buck. The kids named him Rudolph LOL.

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Erika said...

Wow, that house is beautiful! Congrats! And I totally feel ya on the stand up shower stall. We're going from that to a full bath. It's in remodel phase. I CAN'T WAIT.