Friday, July 17, 2015

It is official!

We got the keys to our new I can share some pics without feeling like I'm going to jinx it.

We bought a 2000 sq ft house on 10 acres up near Kelso, Washington. It is gorgeous and pretty well cared for. It has always been a dream of mine to live on a small farm, I am so excited!!

Here are a few property photos, the house needs a little changing to make it work at its best for our family, so I will share pics as we go.

Our closet neighbors are beyond that hill...that cow is theirs. They have a couple kids, tweens and teens I think, so hopefully we will have babysitters close by :) Our property starts at the fence line just under the cow, the up close fence is ours too.
A small chicken coop...big enough for about 20 chickens...woohoo I get to add to my 7 LOL! We are thinking of getting turkeys and maybe ducks too. I already have two female goats that will be coming to us pregnant next month. We also plan to pick up 3 piglets next month too!

Our front "yard" is a beautiful rolling pasture.

Along with the rolling cleared pasture areas we also have a lot of mature trees and wooded areas too.

This spot turns into a wildflower garden, amazing colors...can't wait to add to it a little.

This is another chicken coop type set up...this one is going to need some reworking, but it is big.

Our property runs down on the left side of this big tree...that no trespassing sign will be replaced with a gate to get back into another of our pasture areas.

The girls walking down to a small barn, that needs a little TLC but is a good structure. When we were walking the property with the seller, to get an idea of our property lines, it felt like we were walking forever. 10 acres is pretty darn big. I think we are going to need a quad just to ride around to check fences...Jason is sure bummed about that LOL.

Our neighbors property starts at the small Christmas looking tree line.

This will be where the kids play area will go, their toy structure, trampoline...big plans for a tree house and rock climbing wall too.

Lily loves the flowers.

Our back yard area.

Thinking about getting a big above ground pool for over here.

Our front pasture area.

The horses are the sellers, they aren't staying...but now the kids want one, yeah, um the kids ;)

We will be building a huge deck out her for some outdoor entertaining space. Lots of projects in the plans, good thing we have a lifetime to get it all done. I can't wait to get started.


Wendy said...

ooooh my god. Those fields and flowers and trees! I would tottaly sneak to the pinetree line and shoot the family Cmas photo with those.

TripMomma said...

Thanks! I am in love. If only I had a small bit of your skills, the photo spots are endless ;)

Erika said...

Oh my goshhhhh that is so great. I'm so excited for you. So much green! I live in the desert in southern California and it's all brown, brown, brown. :( I'm so jealous but super happy for you! What a dream!