Friday, July 24, 2015


We have been so busy, today was a nice break. We took the kids to the Enchanted Forest for our annual get together with Grandma. Cousin Hailee, Auntie Amber and Grandma Jo joined us this year too.
My goodness they are turning into big kids on us. My heart split into 4's right here.

Lily had a very special treat on this trip...her BFF Kalaya and her family joined us too.

These two could not be any more adorable.

Lily and Kalaya held hands pretty much the entire 6 + hours that we were there.

Our group of 8 kids 7 and under did a great job of staying together.

We of course hit the little play they put on.

Hayden got called up to be an assistant again this year. The actor asked her to do everything he did....then he proceeded to run around the place doing sill stuff. Liking jumping in front of my camera and asking me to take his picture.

Lily thought it was hilarious.

Hayden followed suit.

Then he needed to test out his proposal skills for the leading lady in the play. Awww Hayden's first proposal.

She said "yes!" Later she said "Mom, I said yes because I didn't want to hurt his feelings or make him nervous about asking his girlfriend later" Hahaha.

Ride time!

6 1/2 hours just like this...such besties! We were in for major meltdowns when it came time to go home, so we bribed with ice cream...don't judge LOL.
The grown ups had just as much fun as the kids...the silver lining to kids growing up is you get to have more adult enjoyable fun with them. Who doesn't like getting totally drenched on a log ride?
None of us buy the ride photos, but Grandma had to buy this one...she went on a ride with all the girls and everyone's face was visible and so happy...good one!
Panning for gold and gems...came home with some neat crystals.

Everyone was enthralled with Pinocchio this time...too funny.
Some super passed out kids tonight.

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