Monday, July 6, 2015

A full day at Grandma's!

Another day over 90, we spent it chilling in the pool! I had no idea you could really spend near 10 hours in the pool and not get bored. It helps to have great company. My friend Dina and a couple of her kiddos joined us, and so did our neighbors son, William, too.

Jericho and Natalia searched for some raspberries.

Dina and I gave ourselves pedicure's, hers turned out better than mine...mine looked like my 6 year olds did it for me LOL.

Xan and his future girlfriend, they are too cute!

Ready, set, jump!

Kitsune hates being left out...but isn't quite ready to jump in.

With a little incentive she is more eager, as soon as the kids figured out her weakness they made her work for her ball the rest of the day LOL.

Are you going to help or just take pictures?

You are all worthless...LOL.

Grandma doesn't like dogs in her pool, so we had to keep it short...but I think she started getting the hang of swimming.

Yeah, I don't think she hates the water.

Dinner break.

Jason joined us and our quiet relaxing day got louder. Kitsune is chill...until the children start getting thrown around the pool. Then she goes a bit nuts.

The smaller the kid, the better they fly LOL.

The girls were still not into the throwing thing. Maybe next year.

Xander is all for we have to work on getting him to do it without the snorkel gear, that he thinks helps LOL.

Natalia flies!

William too.

Hayden did let her Dad give her the tiniest of tosses in the baby float, how brave of you Haddie LOL.

It's a start.
An entire day of swimming and fun equals a car full of very tired youngins'.

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