Wednesday, June 17, 2015

First swim of the summer!

The kids have been waiting for this day since Grandma's pool closed at the end of last summer LOL. 
Still too chilly for sane people to swim, but the munchkins had a great time.

They got right in and doggy paddled around.

Since he was there Jason did a little deck repair for his madre. Such a good son :)

Kitsune was very curious about the pool...she had no problem plucking her toy out from the side.

The kids had a blast.

Kitsune was too...until she leaned too far for a toy and fell in. Grandma scooped her out LOL.

Next time we will just show her where the stairs are and let her swim.
A little dinner at Red Robin...silly girls. How do you make a grumpy Lily less grumpy? Give her a straw mustache LOL.
Oh look, tired kids...nap time is very rare around here.

The sign of a busy...and fun, day!

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