Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Well it wasn't Jericho.

Nothing like last minute gifts...last day of school is in two days, so tonight the trio helped me make their teachers gift.

Our fave thing...finger print flower pots.

Everyone helped, Xander did the bee's and the sunflowers, Hayden did the butterfly bodies and the blue flowers and Lily did the ladybugs and the daisy's.

Turned out always.

I still need the kids to make me one of these.

Then just at bedtime Hayden mistook Xander's finger in the door for a challenge to push the door closed harder. In the end the score was Hayden - 1 Xander's nail and finger - 0.

I thought for sure our first broken bone would be Jericho, but the x-ray proves me wrong. Poor dude freaked out...hopefully he heals up OK. Hayden felt horrible, she was crying almost as much as Xan.

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