Friday, March 18, 2016

A new friend for the farm.

Ava has been an only horse for a bit Scooter joined our family. He is on long-term loan to us, I don't know who likes him more...Ava or the kids. He is a sweetie, and a much more kid friendly size at 15 hands (Ava at 16.2 is a big girl). He is fitting in super.

Instant friends.

Ava had a vet visit today, got that growth removed and sent off for testing...she will be sporting some bandages for the next 10 days. Believe it or not my ribby girl has gained all the weight the vet suggested and put in his notes from her November visit...she is just under 1,100 lbs. We both decided to see if we can't get a tad more on her, but being a Thoroughbred she will never be fat LOL.

Kitsune is pushing the horses buttons, Ava is getting real tired of her crap.

Such a beautiful day!

It wasn't all fun today. When your wife knocks the break line loose driving over a big stick you have to fix it. So glad he is handy like that!

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