Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The chase is on.

All the farm critters decided to be naughty was crazy.
First the baby goats figured out that one small section of their pen fencing had holes just big enough for baby goats to get through.
The babies enjoying their momentary freedom while their moms yell at them to get back home LOL.
They also figured out they could get into the pig pen too. Thankfully the fence was reinforced when the hubby got home and we fixed their little wagons. No more escapes from them I hope.

Next on the naughty list was the pigs. They all escaped when a part of the hot wire came loose. There is no option on My Fitness Pal for calories burned chasing escapee pigs all over 10 acres. Ugh.

They are almost a year old now...and getting quite big. UniPiggie is still a hairy beast.

President Business has been a busy boy...I think both girls are prego, hopefully bacon seeds will be joining us in a couple months!

Wild Style is still the biggest of the three.

Thankfully it was a beautiful day to be outside...if you have to be chasing pigs all over better to do it on a sunny day LOL.

The pigs were too busy chowing down on all this lovely grass to run far.

Got them into one of the stalls in the little didn't hold them long.
The real hero of the day today was Xander. First thing this morning I got a phone call from the school. The lady that works in the office said that as soon as he got off the bus Xan ran in to tell her to call me because Ava was somehow in the neighbors pasture. I guess he saw her this morning on the way to their bus stop, he said he didn't want to miss the bus so he didn't run home to tell me but asked the office to call as soon as he got to school. In honor of his mature and responsible actions he got to pick dinner and dessert tonight, way to go dude!

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