Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wanna take a selfie?

A beautiful day...Jericho burned a lot of energy running up and down the hills in the pasture.
OK so I have been riding horses off and on since I was a kid, I have never been stepped on or fell off until I actually owned my own horses LOL. Trying to ride bare back after always using a saddle is not so easy...and I have the bruises to prove it. Time to buy a bare back pad, may help just a bit...not to mention Ava is a bony thing.
I actually fell off Scooter, in a trot it can be hard to keep your balance. Good thing he is much closer to the ground than Ava.

No hard feelings buddy, I know it wasn't your fault.

Ava is enjoying this sunshine.

Best buds. They are actually almost too good of friends, when we take one out the other freaks...don't love that.

Jason did a little bare back riding too...all he could say was never again without a saddle LOL. Bony girl strikes again.

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