Sunday, March 13, 2016

Ouch, that smarts.

OK so Jericho has been our more difficult child in a few ways. He is a wonderful boy, but he can be very disrespectful, mean and rude. We have tried lots of things...stuff that worked great for the triplets included. Jericho has been unimpressed. Today he got his first taste of Tabasco. I've never had to do this to any of my kids, and I do feel like a jerk...but I can't allow him to continue on this path with his family, it would be a serious disservice to Jericho. It sure made an impression today...though he had to given it two different times, we shall see if I have to do it again.
 This is my sad boy getting love from his doggy.

Ava has had this growth since I picked her up in November, though it was a lot smaller....and not bloody. She will be heading to the vet in a few days to get this thing removed.

This weather has been playing with my emotions. Rainy, windy, snow flurries then sunny and almost 70.

Ava has been home for a month and a half now, she is really settling in...and I think we may just be starting to warm up to each other.

Hayden caught a couple little salamanders all by herself today.

She played with them for a bit then released them, now the girls want pet lizards. Jason and I told them they aren't old enough for lizards, but we may consider hermit crabs LOL.

Finally got rid of those awful mini blinds...hated those things.

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