Saturday, March 26, 2016

Someone is having too much fun.

We are getting some nice weather again...I love days like this!
Jason rented this to move the bark dust around, and to combine all the smaller burn piles to try and make a few big ones instead. He isn't excited to play with this thing at all.
Kitsune and Wrangler spent the day playing, and following the little tractor around.

Once Jericho got a ride he was hooked.

Moving burn piles around. The thing was pretty fun...I even took a couple turns driving it around.

Kitsune doesn't just annoy horses, she also tries to take on the neighbors cow. Silly dog.

She is growing up.

The baby chicks are doing great. Out of 16 fertile eggs 14 hatched...not too shabby for my first time incubating eggs. Not sure why the last two didn't make it, hopefully next time we get 100%. I have 3 Olive Eggers, three of the black chicks. 4 that look to be pure Salmon Faverolle. I hope one is a roo, sadly we recently lost my beloved Prince Charming...but hopefully I have a son out of these 4 eggs. The rest are likely Easter Eggers...hopefully lots of blue eggs are in our future.

Easter tried to sneak up on us this year. We dyed a few eggs tonight...just in time for the bunny to hide them tomorrow!

Added some drops of food coloring to the dye tab and vinegar real vivid colors.

A little Jericho funny from yesterday. This is how you get owned by a 5 year old. Jericho caught me taking bites of his lunch. He said "Hey that's my lunch" I told him it's really hot buddy I'm just cooling it off. Then he asks "By eating it?" LMAO!!

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