Friday, March 4, 2016


One thing that sucks about moving is leaving behind the wonderful Doctor that has taken care of my kids since the triplets came home from the NICU. Hopefully this new one can measure up.

Little man had his 5 year old check up today, he is 44" tall and 40 lbs. Such a peanut compared to the trio at 5.

Got 3 blueberry bushes, and 4 fruit trees planted today...we are not real green thumbs, so hopefully these plants do well despite our lack of skill.


Tonight was BINGO night at the kids school.

Face paint and pizza!

Xander's BINGO card was our only winner...we got a cup and a couple gift cards!

Charming got tangled up pretty bad in a feed bag late last night. Luckily Jason happened to see him...he would have been somethings late night snack otherwise. Poor guy was bleeding pretty good, from some cuts and a broken nail, had to spend the night in a crate. By 5 am we could all tell he was feeling just fine. Crowing out on 10 acres I love...crowing at 5 am in my living room, not so much LOL.

The other day was hat day at school...can you tell which two children borrowed a hat from their Dad LOL. I'm so glad the school didn't freak out about Hayden's hat. This was not the hat Jason had set out for her, but on the way out the door she grabbed it by mistake.
Something else amazing happened tonight....but I don't want to jinx anything so I am not going to share just yet. In about 4 months I will spill the beans. And NO, I am not pregnant LMAO!

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