Sunday, March 27, 2016

Finding Easter eggs...and other country treasures.

The Easter bunny was kind enough to stick to one small area and not hide eggs all over our 10 acres....this year. I can see this getting more challenging and fun as the kids get older. Easter is almost as bad as Christmas, the kids woke up and o'dark thirty.

It started out chilly and foggy this morning, so there was no dilly dallying...they found all the eggs and we headed inside for our traditional bunny pancakes.

Two of the kids surprises...I can't wait for them to try out the balls, those are going to be fun!
More fun in this baby today, all the kids took turns "helping".

These two tubs were buried in the blackberry bushes, they are heavy as heck...the the little dozer had to problem picking them up and dropping them in the goat pen, we thought they might like them for climbing toys.

We found this tiny hummingbird nest, I wonder if they will come back and use it again this year. I have seen a couple back behind the barn, so I know they are still around.

There are so many plant, shrubs, flowers all over. Most I have no idea what they are...if you know feel free to leave a comment and share. These beauties I have learned are Trillium's. They are somewhat rare, I guess if you pick the flower it takes the plant 2+ YEARS to produce another one. Wish I found this out before my kiddos started picking some, they won't do it any more.

So pretty.
These pretty little pink flowers turn into berries...they almost look like raspberries. I have been told they are Salmonberry, sometimes as good as raspberries...and a favorite of hummingbirds.

This I think is some type of clover, not sure though.
The frilly one at the top may be wild bleeding heart, the bottom plant MAY be lemon balm, or native fringe cup...but that is just a guess.

Good old stinging nettle. We have TONS of it. I guess people harvest it for tea, balms, even eat it like salad or make it into pasta. Wish I was that talented. Anyone want to come pick it all?!?! LOL.

It is pretty...but has a nasty sting.

See...lots and lots to share.

It is a sea of stinging nettles.

I guess if you rub the underside of a fern leaf on a stinging nettle sting it will take the sting away...I have yet to try this, but I will the next time I accidentally touch some.

No idea...maybe Calla Lily.

Mushrooms are cool, but they always scare me with kids and animals...never know which ones are the deadly ones.

Cute lil snail...go little dude.

Millipede's yuck.
Hayden climbed on top of one of the burn piles. We had a great day out on the farm...hope you had a wonderful Easter too.

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The Liberal Christian said...

The possible Calla Lily's look like they might be Lily of the Valley. Time will tell :)