Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Chicks, kicks and meds.*

Today is day 20 out of a normal 21 day chicken egg incubation. Last night we started hearing peeps from inside the eggs, this morning I woke up to half the eggs pipped...this is when the babies peck their first small opening in the egg. Often once pipped it can be another day or two before they actually hatch. Not my overachievers, I went to get Jericho to show him the little holes, when we got back two hatched out right in front of us.

First baby out!

Then they just started popping out like crazy....over half were hatched by the end of the night.

I got a very short video of the second baby hatch as Jericho and I watched.

I was torn away from the chicks to receive a delivery. We are so very tired of mud. It is just a temporary solution...but hopefully this big load of bark dust will help us out for a year or so.

When you harass the horse one too many times and get your first kick, this is the face you make for the rest of the day. Hope she learned her lesson. Ava had finally had enough of Kitsune nipping and circling...she has only put up with it for the last few months. Thankfully Kitsune is not hurt.

Speaking of Ava, she is on the mend. The horse whisperer giving her the antibiotics the vet prescribed...I think we all prefer this over shots.

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