Monday, February 29, 2016

Rough day for the baby goats.

Some days are better than others for animals on a farm. Poor baby goats were disbudded the other day. It wasn't fun or pretty but a necessary evil. I'm so glad my friend knows how to do's going to be a couple years before I will be ready to do it myself. I'm going to have baby goat crying nightmares for awhile I think.

Most goats have horns. Which can be dangerous to kids, other goats or themselves because they can get their heads stuck and kill themselves. So, many goat owners have their baby goats disbudded so the horns won't grow in. If you do it young you can use heat to burn the horn buds. It is very hot and cauterizes at the same time.

Yeah it's not for the faint of heart. I saw our large animal vet do 3 calves a couple months ago. At least we could love and cuddle these babies between do a total of 4 burns, 2 on each horn bud.

Two days later...the baby goats are healing up well after their disbudding. They don't seem to hold their rough day against us.

Xan, Hayden, Lily and Jericho were pretty disturbed by the burns....they didn't come with for the procedure so this was the first they saw of what happened to the baby goats heads.

Little Man gave a gentle kiss to Heidi's hurt head. OK so Heidi is killing me, if the gal that sold us the Momma goats changes her mind on buying her I think she is going to end up staying here. This means I have to sell Dolly instead, the white and black one, or keep all 3 and swear I won't keep any next year. Hmmm.

Burned heads or no...they are always in the mood to play.

And eat...the babies are sampling everything these days.

Dolly is not going down without a fight LOL.

One of my blue olive eggers keeps going in to the goat pen....the babies are very curious about this little chicken. I have even found and egg layed under their hay holder LOL.

Let's play mom.
Or let me eat your ear.
Snack time.
Back to playing with Jericho.

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